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 The Cambion Journals

Do YOU want to believe? Believe in things that simply shouldn't exist?

Do YOU like your Urban Fantasy to be deliciously dark and morbidly macabre?

Then look no further. . .

 The Complete series is available now.
Why not begin the journey of a lifetime?


Just Look at what Reviewers sat about the Cambion Journals:

"If you like well-plotted, fast-paced occult horror and paranormal thrillers with plenty of action, you'll enjoy this one. Weston's prose is smooth, crisp and quick-moving. His dialogue is witty and informative, his characters solid and real." - Blackgate Fantasy

The world-building is sublime. And some of the finest written horror/dark fantasy I've ever read. - Amazon Vine Voice

"If you love dark paranormal fantasy, you're going to want to read
 A Hybrid's Tale. Brilliant from start to finish" - N.N. Light's Book Heaven International Reviews

Well-written and impressive. Web of the Succubus stands in a class of its own.
- Vine Voice

Sunday, November 26, 2023

 Check out This Review of. . . 

Rise of the Despoiler

It's another win for Weston! He's 6 for 6 as he brings his "sextet" about Augustus Thorne to a fine and fitting conclusion. "Rise of the Despoiler" opens with this paragraph, recapping whhat has gone before: "Two hundred and fifty years. That’s how long Augustus Thorne has waited to right the wrongs inflicted upon the three realms by the demondim. Two hundred and fifty years. But at last the hour is at hand. And not before time, either. The demondim’s plans to turn mankind into nothing more than regulated broodstock are proceeding apace."

Once again, and not surpising in the least, Weston maintains his high-quality of writing, action and suspense. His characters live and breathe: they're real, and their character arcs, especially the main character, Augustus Thorne, are well thought out and superbly crafted. For all the great action sequences and the world-building, Weston does not neglect his characters: they drive this story forward, drawing us in and not letting us go until the final word in the final chapter. I won't give away anything, especially the end, but i will say this . . . it made me smile. That final chapter left feeling that there may be more to come in the future. What do you think? Bravo, Mister Weston! 'Tis a tale well told

Saturday, September 16, 2023

 Review - A Crown in Peril

Book 5 of the Cambion Journals

Gotta say - I l-o-v-e this latest review of
A Crown in Peril


Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2023

Verified Purchase

A Crown in Peril lives up to everything laid out and promised in the previous four novels in Weston's excellent, sci-fi/horror/fantasy series, The Cambion Journals. Once again, the author amps up the action and continues to treat us with his terrific world-building. He continues to add depth and complexity to his characters through their thoughts, decisions, actions and personal interplay. His ideas and scenarios are truly unique, showing us what a gifted writer he is. In this fifth novels in his series, he builds up the action and suspense that will surely lead to a powerhouse finale in book six, which I've already purchased. There's mystery, magic and political intrigue here, as the forces of good and evil battle it out, and Augustus Thorne, the main character, shows us the steel of which he is made, as Weston puts him through the ringer. The character arcs are well thought out and executed, the human drama always spot-on, and the levels and layers of a finely-woven plot masterfully handled. This is another excellent volume in an extraordinary series. I'm so looking forward to reading the final volume.

Thank you sooo much for taking the time to leave a review like this. . .

Thursday, August 10, 2023

 The Stunning Conclusion of the Cambion Journals

Rise of the Despoiler

Rise of the Despoiler


Augustus Thorne is evolving. Into what, he doesn’t quite understand. Yet! All he does know is that his destiny is somehow linked to that of the Despoiler. A champion that prophesy claims will bring the demon king to his knees, undoing all the harm inflicted upon the three realms since the Fallen came to Earth.

But to ensure such a destiny, Augustus must walk into uncharted territory. Wield stygian forces, the likes of which have never been witnessed before. Court death, as if was his intimate lover. Most disconcerting of all, he must put his personal vendetta aside, and submit to the greater good.

Only then will he become the foretold hero, ending tyranny’s reign forever.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

 And the Series Continues With. . .
A Crown in Peril

It gives me great pleasure to reveal the latest Book in the ongoing Cambion Journals Series

A Crown in Peril.

Once again, I have to express my thanks to the design team at Raven Tale for continuing the superb theme you've seen throughout the series as a whole.
And, for those of you who are keen to get a taste of what's to come, here's the blurb:


Devastated by the loss of Colleen and enraged by the treacherous cunning of the demon king, Augustus Thorn decides that he’s suffered enough. Embracing the full might of his Cambion Nature, he takes the fight deep into the heart of demondim territory, wreaking terrible destruction on all who cross his path. Gaining access to forbidden archives, he uncovers ancient texts, hinting at the mantle he must assume to bring the reign of the demon king to an end.

However, Asmodai hasn’t been idle. Learning from his mistakes, he also seeks hidden knowledge, and goes all out to consolidate his position. And the knowledge he uncovers just might contain the vital clue he needs to end the Cambion threat once and for all.

It’s a race against time . . . and there can only be one winner.


Yes, time is running out.

But as for who lives and who dies?
Ah, that's not as clear cut as you might think.

Want to find out more?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

 Are You Not Entertained?

In revealing the cover for Web of the Succubus, can I say - once again - a heartfelt "thank you" to the design team at Raven Tale for encapsulating the mood of what the Cambion Journals is all about so perfectly. I absolutely love it - and the powerful color - and I'm sure you will too.

Even better, as we head into Halloween, you now have something extra-special to look forward to.
As you know, the end of October sees the veil between worlds at its thinnest. So, what better series to delve into than one navigating the narrow border twixt life and death?

Go on, treat yourselves. If its chills and thrills with deadly spills you're looking for. . .
Then The Cambion Journals is definitely for you

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 Guess What's Out in Paperback?

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